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It is our mission at the Trauma and Attachment Center to provide a soothing environment where families, children and individuals can embark upon their healing journey. We will be your guide as you traverse the turbulence of life and tackle your trauma. We will share the load as you progress along your path and be a light in the darkness. We want to empower you as you enrich your life to make it be authentically yours.

At TAC, our goal is to help people with wounded, interrupted or insecure attachments heal so that they can form secure bonds with those they love. We focus on building and strengthening attachments then using those attachments to help heal past hurts. Whether the attachment was broken due to foster care, adoption, loss of the attachment figure, it can be healed. Using Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol for Children (IATP-C) we can help secure parents and children so that the parent can help the child process traumatic memories and return to healthy functioning. 

We also work with individuals that do not have attachment concerns but have had traumatic events in their lives that are interfering with functioning. Using EMDR and other therapy approaches we can help heal the trauma so that it is no longer affecting your daily life. 


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